Happy 15th Birthday Jamie and the first class!!!

I cannot believe it has been 15 years since I started the band!

Before Jamie and the first class I was the drummer for a rock ‘n roll band called Cobweb Strange for about three years. I felt I’d taken Cobweb Strange as far as it could and wanted to do something with a cleaner and more sellable image. I had been managing all Cobweb Strange’s bookings and worked around the clock to get us about 250 shows (about 3/4 gigs a week). I figured I’d have a much better chance of making it in the long run with a main stream product.

Jamie and the first class 1999

The first picture of Jamie & the first class was taken in 1999 with Mike Bennett on the left, My brother Richie who was only 15, Me & my brother Martyn. My Dad was playing drums for the band at the time but thought it would be better to have Richie in the photo but we never managed to train him up.

JFC in 2000

In 2000 we did our second photshoot at Martyn’s flat in Maidenhead, I wanted to go with a School image but the other guys weren’t too sure. We were playing lots of weddings and I wanted to offer something for the party and events market.

Jamie and the first class party band in 2001

We had a monthly booking at The Old Ticket Hall in Windsor at the time which was a great place to learn our trade. We tried out alot of songs to see how they would go down. Here’s a picture of me and Mike singing together.

Below is a picture from Alexandra and William’s wedding in 2001 with Mike Bennett on bass, Me in the centre, Grant Eskerriet on drums , Emmanuel Gregg on percussion and Martyn on lead guitar.

Jamie and the first class wedding band in 2001There was severe rain on this day and the marquee flooded so had to move all the kit onto crates. We performed an acapella version of Stand by Me for the first dance and I remember Sympathy for the devil and Really got me went down well.

It was our 15th wedding reception we had played at the time.

If anyone has any old pictures of the band please can you email them to me as I would love to put some on the blog!

Thank you for reading,


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