Pontins, Brean Sands 29th March 2014

On Saturday 29th March Jamie and the first class performed a fantastic show to loads of music hungry guests at Pontins in Brean Sands. We had an absolute blast and they loved it!

Fred Pontin opened Pontins in Brean 68 years ago in 1946 on the site of a US army base built for World War II. The site was previously owned by the Dean family who ran a holiday park on the site before the war. It was originally built to accomodate 200 guests, now the site can accommodate around 2000 people.

Brean has been a holiday destination for many years, it boasts St Bridgets (a 13th Century Church), Brean Down fort which is a Victorian fort and a site of an ancient Roman Temple. Just a few miles north is Weston Super Mere where the Grand Pier was built in 1904. It has been a destination for tourists for at least 400 years.

We had a fantastic show, probably one of our best performances so far this year. It was Stuart Morrell’s first appearance at a Pontins and he sang a great version of “Happy” by Pharrel Williams and we performed some new tracks including “We built this city” by Starship and “Lady” by Moloko.  It was brilliant night thanks to the amazing Mike, Ben, Hazza & Stu, the fab bluecoats and Tom the very helpful engineer.

It was also great as my Mum and Dad came to the show and bought my niece along to watch which was brilliant!

Thank you to everyone who watched the show and everyone who reads this! Jamie xxx