Touring in December

December saw Jamie and the first class fly to Eilat in Israel for an amazing trip. It was a very long journey which started in Marlborough (Wiltshire) via Heathrow and Tel Aviv, everyone was very excited.

We had rehearsed alot of new songs and some songs we hadn’t played for a long time. The shows went really well and we had some fantastic comments. Here is some photos of our live performances.

We were interviewed on Eilat 102 FM with Snir and Shirley from the venue.

Some pictures from the session.

Jamie and the first class were featured in the local press.


During the day Jamie and the first class went site seeing.

The band spent alot of time by the beach and even went diving!


Jamie and the first class had a fantastic time at the Dead Sea. We were taken there by Victor from Taxi 6 Eilat. He was very knowledgable and patient. It is nearly 10 times as salty as the sea so we floated on the surface! We covered ourselves in dead sea mud and exfoliated ourselves, it was brilliant.  On the way home the band also saw Mount Sodom and Lots wife who turned to salt in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis. We did not look back!

We also chilled by the pool and ate some great food.

We also went to the Underwater Observatory.



We even went shopping and met up with old friends Elior, Liat and Gali in the Ice Mall.

After the shows we met some wonderful people from all over the world; Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Eygpt, Russia, Iceland, France, Ukraine and even the UK. We even met up with our old bass player Kevin and his daughter Emma.


We were sad to leave but pleased to be coming home! Here’s the plane taking off with the beautiful view of the desert.