Jamie and the first class perform in Somerset

After a wonderful week spent at Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Preston and Penrith, we headed south for our show in Somerset on Saturday 12th March.

I will always remember the 12th of March as it a very important date in The First Class calendar. Back in 2005 Jamie and the first class performed our first proper concert at Hammersmith Palais for School Disco in London. Even though the band had already been going for 5 years at this stage and already played the Palais for an event in January 2005, it was a defining moment of the band’s career. This show at the Palais gave the band a tremendous launch pad which led to our success recording two singles, three albums and performing many more shows all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


phoneIn 2005 things were very different, the iPhone had not yet been released and the most popular phone was a Nokia 3210. Most people had a Myspace account and Facebook was only available to a students in USA.

The first number one of 2005 was ‘Against All odds‘ by the first ever X Factor winner Steve Brookstein.  He was knocked off the top by Elvis Presley who had 3 UK number at the beginning of 2005, celebrating his 70th birthday.

It’s hard to imagine that petrol was 79p per litre and beer was about £2 – £2.50 a pint! Most people were using Alta Vista, AOL , Ask Jeeves or Yahoo search engines rather than ‘Google-ing’.

Fast forward to present day, and Jamie and the First Class travelled west on the M4 and south on the M5 headed for Doniford Bay for the 2016 opening party. We have been lucky enough to perform at the opening event the previous 2 years so we knew what to expect.

There was a Charile and The Chocolate Factory theme this year which was executed really well with some fantastic props. The 1971 original Charlie and The Choclate Factory was remade in 2005 with Johnny Depp which has made the film even more well known through the generations of Doniford Bay guests.

The show was opened by the brilliant Haven Funstars team, led by Rachel. The girls perform a 60’s routine with loads of hits from a brilliant decade.

Which reminds me…we have a public 1960’s show with The Zoots coming up on Good Friday at The Beacon Theatre in Wantage, Oxfordshire. You can get your tickets from the website. We have just been interviewed by BBC Radio Oxford about the event, which is very exciting.  It would be great to see you there.

As the girls were performing, we were backstage discussing the set. We’ve added a few new songs: “I’ll be there for you” by The Rembrandts as Harriet and Tommy are massive fans of the sitcom Friends. We also played ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson and Shout by Lulu / Isley Brothers. It was Jamie and the first class’s 6th time playing at Doniford Bay, we had a great time.

When we went on stage, I forgot to give my camera out so there are only a few photos of the actual show. Thank you to Loo Right for sending these to me. I used my trusted Fender Stratocaster HSS for the show which I bought in 2009 from DV247.com. I started using it becasue the Gibson Les Paul Studio I used to use went in for repair after I snapped the neck.

My favourite part of the show was when we played Mobile Phone, Ben emulated the Nokia 3210 text tone on his Fender Strat Deluxe and Tommy added some great new BVs.  You can hear and download Mobile Phone on the link.

It was a fantastic night and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, Tommy and Simon did really well on their first gig at Doniford Bay.

Thank you so much to Kim, Alice, Rachel, Mark and all the Team Stars who made us feel so welcome.

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Jamie Goddard